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Full Service Repairs and Remodeling

Hiring Sansara for repairs and remodeling is choosing the right contractor with the experience to design your new project, secure its components, and complete the job promptly and cost-efficiently. Our years of experience have helped countless St. Louis metro area homeowners achieve their design dreams.
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Remodeling and Repair Services for Wildwood, Ladue, Chesterfield and St. Louis

When your kitchen is not meeting your needs, it can be frustrating. With such an essential location in your home for social activity and food preparation, there is little time to waste revamping your kitchen. Our remodeling specialists can help you understand what is possible and how to make the most of your kitchen area. We have relationships with distributors and material suppliers to ensure fast delivery of needed construction elements to begin the project promptly.

We waste no time working through design options and layouts to ensure your kitchen functions as it should. We evaluate all aspects, from storage to counter space, to ensure this remodeling project is the last one you need for a long time. Custom cabinetry is also a specialty of our remodeling team. We determine the space available and how we can maximize storage and function seamlessly and elegantly. Your kitchen should work for you, not you having to work harder to make your kitchen meet your needs. Our team can help develop your idea into an attractive new space.

Renovating and remodeling your bathroom can add instant value to your home. However, many homeowners need help knowing where to begin with this process. Each project is different, and the type of function and luxury a property owner wants also varies. We help you understand the full scope of options available and the depth to which changes are possible in this vital room of your home. We have design specialists capable of walking you through new layouts, partial installations, and new construction.

Many elements of change are possible when reconfiguring and reimagining an older bathroom. We can help modernize this heavily used room in your household, introducing luxurious spa elements like steam showers, heated tile, and more prominent and functional vanities. We work with your schedule and budget to provide the most complete remodeling possible. We have to limit the interruption to your life and routines with our efficient and speedy results that never cut corners or compromise on quality. Sansara specialists are happy with the project once you are, and your final inspection with our professionals ensures your satisfaction before we walk away.

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Is your basement meeting your needs? If it isn’t, there might be some ways that we can help. Basement remodeling is becoming one of the more common changes homeowners make to their properties to better suit them for dynamic changes in the household or to improve the estimated value. A remodeled basement adds square footage to the property, which can, in turn, become a new bedroom, recreational room, home theater, or office space. The only limitation is your imagination. We have niche specialists in all areas of general contracting to help with electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, and trim work.

However you choose to develop the lowest level of your house, our professionals are here to help. We offer end-to-end services beginning with planning and design. We show you what is possible by mapping out a new project with premium materials that fit into budget confinements and time constraints. We specialize in converting flooded or damaged basements to usable living space, diverting water away from the foundation and masonry to provide a long-lasting dryness and professional result to the interior construction. We know what your home needs inside and out, and we provide permanent upgrades that improve your life.

The Process

PLanning and design

During this phase, you will formulate your budget, collaborate with our designer and builder to convey your vision and obtain the necessary permits for the construction, along with other pre-planning steps. Our builder will also assist you in determining whether and when you might need to relocate during the remodel.

construction & renovation

Your dream will come to life with our experienced team. After the transformation of the renovation, you will your own touches with furniture and decor.


Incorporating the new requires dismantling the old! The extent of demolition can vary significantly, ranging from merely removing old furniture and tearing down a few walls to a full gut, where everything except essential structural elements and exterior walls is torn out.